What is Calisthenics?



The performance sport that has it all!!


Calisthenics is a uniquely Australian artistic sport. For pupils from three years of age through to adults, it involves a team of participants learning routines choreographed to music, incorporating elements of dance, ballet, gymnastics, singing, acting, marching, apparatus technique and performance skills.

As a sport, calisthenics improves co-ordination, mobility, balance, strength, flexibility and deportment as well as fostering positive self-esteem and team spirit. As an art it encourages an appreciation of music and rhythm, it celebrates artistic movement and allows pupils to experience the excitement of performing on stage.

Pupils from the age of seven who love the stage and show a great commitment to their calisthenics also have an opportunity to perform a separate solo or duo item. Pupils may opt for a non-competitive solo/duo, or otherwise complete the required examination level to compete in this item. Aurora Calisthenics College encourages all pupils to consider this exciting opportunity for intensive, one-one-one tuition.

For both soloists and team members, calisthenics promotes healthy bodies and healthy minds. Being part of a team develops self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, responsibility and lasting friendships. The combination of movement and performance skills provides fitness, coordination rhythm, grace, deportment and confidence.