Competitive Fees

Tired of fee structures with surprise extra costs for costumes, comp fees, and everything in-between? We don’t like them either! We make our fees as all-inclusive as possible, telling you up-front about anything supplementary, and keeping it simple with a 3-part payment plan. And with the option of a discount for early payment, we’re pleased to offer one of the most competitive (and honest!) fee structures around!



2017 Fees

Tuition Fees are payable in 3 instalments (March, June & September).
A discount is available for Tuition Fees paid by 31st March.

Tinies 3 x $198
Sub Juniors 3 x $237
Juniors 3 x $269
Inters 3 x $305
Seniors 3 x $329





Additional costs include Registration/Insurance, Camp (Sub Juniors, Juniors & Inters) and College Uniform.Comprehensive fee information is included our Intro Guide.

Please contact us with any queries, or if you would like an Intro Guide posted to you.

New pupils commencing after May will be eligible for a reduction in fees