Why choose Aurora?

For more than a decade, Aurora Calisthenics College has been nurturing the development of self-esteem,
friendship and team spirit in a fun, safe and non-biased environment that is challenging and rewarding for all.
Founded by Nicolette Rance in 1999, Aurora has become a place where each and every pupil is encouraged
and supported to be their very best.


Competitive Fees

Tired of fee structures with surprise extra costs for costumes, comp fees, and everything in-between?
We don’t like them either! We make our fees as all-inclusive as possible, telling you up-front about
anything supplementary, and keeping it simple with a 3-part payment plan. And with the option of a
discount for early payment, we’re pleased to offer one of the most competitive (and honest!) fee structures around!

Costumes Provided

We love sewing and sequinning, but understand that not it’s everyone’s cup of tea! At Aurora, all costume construction, alteration and trimming can be done for you – free of charge.
Skip the stress of wrestling fabrics, beads and patterns into the wee hours, and let us take care of the costuming!


Calisthenics for Today

Even though calisthenics has been around for over 100 years, we’re constantly evolving our choreography,
tuition methods and college management to cater for today’s lifestyles and values. We place a high priority on ensuring all pupils are working to appropriate musical choices, in appropriate costuming, with minimal
stage makeup. We strongly believe in the promotion of healthy minds and bodies, and in the positive and affirming experience of preparing team stage performances; celebrating the very best of each pupil’s ability

2017 Classes Start!

Mark your calendars – classes start the first week of February!
Tinies – Wednesday 8th February
Sub-Juniors – Tuesday 7th February
Intermediates – Thursday 2nd February
Seniors – Wednesday 1st February


Come and Try Month

Not sure if you would like calisthenics? Then that’s ok. February is free for all new pupils that have not tried a class at Aurora before.








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